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Happiness is a state

of inner fulfilment.

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In truth yoga doesn’t take time.

It gives time.

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You cannot always control what goes on outside.

But you can always control what goes on inside.

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Yoga is an Art

of Healing

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Yoga postures are a way to focus and still the mind.

When the mind is calm and connected to going within, the body can then feel safe to clear energetic and emotional blockages.

So the outcome is not only a softer more flexible body, but a sense of lightness, greater health, connection to spirit and emanating a higher vibration through your energy field and chakras.

My purpose is to help get you there.  My name is Dianne, I teach all the classes at Yoga Light and honour each student, appreciating everyone is unique and therefore requires a personalised approach and direction into their body.  My daily practice, dance background and over 25 years of teaching experience provides the inspiration and guidance to teach others.