Welcome To Yoga Light with Dianne Black

Personalised yoga sessions to build your confidence in practicing yoga correctly.
Because your body is worth it!

Yoga Light was established since 1995 and specialises in personalised attention to each client.

The uniqueness of each body is honoured and whilst you have the freedom to work at your own level, you are also encouraged where to bring more focus specific to your body.

My name is Dianne and I am the director/teacher of Yoga Light.  I have been teaching for 25 years and originally trained learning Iyengar yoga, so I really appreciate attention to alignment and engaging the body in the right way.  My teacher training began in 1991 for 3 years full time with Shandor Remete in Sydney.  My teaching is also influenced by other modalities I have studied including dance, pilates, chakras, anatomy, food as medicine, meridians, shiatsu, touch for health kinesiology and reiki level 7.

Yoga Australia Registered Senior Teacher

Instructions in classes are concise and easy to follow, giving you time to connect and activate your body for greater healing energy to flow.

The sequencing and teaching is intuitive and responsive to those present in the class.   This means you are doing what will benefit your body the most, releasing tight, blocked energy, and strengthening the weaker muscles.

It is important for people to feel comfortable and safe so your body can let go into flexibility.  Classes are free from judgement and competitiveness.  Everyone is really lovely and supportive with a sense of humour to bring lightness and fun into the group.

I not only love teaching yoga, but I love the relationship I build with my clients.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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