Dianne’s classes at Yoga Light are a transformational experience, mentally and physically. She deliberately keeps her classes to a small size so that she can provide individualised attention. She adjusts your postures in a firm yet gentle way, so you move more deeply into the postures and get the most from your yoga session. Dianne also has a light-hearted and positive personal style so even in the most difficult postures you feel supported no matter what yoga level you may be at. I always feel more relaxed and energised after every class. Even when life is most hectic, my husband ensures I regularly attend Dianne’s Yoga Light classes because he knows the lasting positive physical and mental energy helps me to relax and in turn, we enjoy each other’s company much more.

I trialled many yoga classes around the Eastern Suburbs before settling on Dianne’s classes at Yoga Light. I have now been attending Yoga Light for 10 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. I also recently I lived in the UK for 2.5 years. During that time, I also trialled many classes, none of which met my expectations because Dianne has now set my standards for yoga teachers so high with her individualised supportive attention. I highly recommend Dianne’s classes at Yoga Light. Hope to see you there soon!

Dr Catherine Collins, Senior Lecturer UNSW

When I first moved to Sydney, I started to go to Yoga Light as a way of continuing my casual interest in yoga. Since then, it has become a valued part of my lifestyle, thanks to the approach taken by Dianne at Yoga Light.  Leading a busy and at times stressful lifestyle, the classes at Yoga Light have given me a focused experience which challenges and rejuvenates me, at whatever stage I am at in my yoga practice. This is very unique in a city where you can find generic 'yoga' classes performed at any gym space in any suburb.  I have not practiced yoga anywhere else and this is testament to the special experience I receive when at Yoga Light. I would encourage anyone who has an interest to take part - these classes cater for everyone from those who practice regularly to those who can only attend casually. You will not be disappointed!


I am extremely grateful that I have found Dianne and her classes. Regular yoga practice creates flow of energy in my body, enhances my health, sharpens my senses. The work we do is more than that though. The asanas help me discard old patterns that serve me no longer, bring strength and well-being on spiritual, emotional and physical levels. Dianne lives this ancient art and supports us all on our journey. Sometimes I wonder how yoga would transform consciousness in the world if everyone used it.


Dianne’s yoga classes always leave me feeling calm, happy and healthy. Her deep understanding of the body and its connection with mind, emotions and energy has allowed me many opportunities for personal development and to work through life’s challenges. I have had some profound experiences of healing and self-knowledge and her instruction continues to help me to fully enjoy the journey of my life and to make the most of my opportunities. I have been attending Diane’s classes for about 15 years now and have followed her to four locations during this time as well as on numerous retreats. I can’t get enough! Dianne gives precise and supportive guidance and allows time in each posture to maximise the benefits. Her instruction focuses not only on the postures of hatha yoga but also on the energy meridians running through the body and how these are affected by factors including season, diet and lifestyle.

This has opened up an entire realm of knowledge and experience to me. I have attended many different styles of yoga but keep returning to Diane and I am not alone in feeling that the depth of knowledge and unique synthesis that she brings to her students is enormously restorative and healing. Whenever I feel stiff or sore, or a negative emotion such as sadness or anger, then I know Diane’s instruction can lead me back to health and vitality. If I am already feeling great then my experience is joyous and celebratory.

Vivienne Webb

I first began yoga with Dianne nearly 4 years ago and instantly fell in love with her classes. Di provides all levels with the support, guidance and help of improving and pushing yourself beyond your limits in a safe and encouraging environment. Di's calmness in the way she conducts her classes leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed after each session. I absolutely love yoga with Di and I never want to go anywhere else! Thank you, Di, for everything.

Kate Fizzell

I am very comfortable learning Yoga at Yoga Light. I have tried a couple of other schools, but Dianne adds a personal touch to her style of teaching. The people who go to the classes are very friendly and there is no sense of ego - creating a Light, warm and friendly environment. Dianne’s experience for over 18 years shows in her teaching and one is inspired to learn yoga from this.


I have been practicing Yoga for close to 20 years now. I discovered Dianne’s school 3 years ago, 3 years after the birth of my first son, when I was experiencing one of the lowest points in my vitality. I have never looked back and can honestly say that I found a whole new level of Yoga practice with Dianne: through Dianne's attentive and patient guidance, I have developed a whole new relationship with my body and breath and I have been able to observe and let go of a variety of mental attitudes that no longer serve me. I have also been able to rediscover the suppleness and strength of my body and spirit and to learn to open my heart to change and new experiences. The practice with Dianne also helped me tremendously with my second pregnancy and was instrumental in helping make my second son's entry into the world a serene and completely natural experience, despite a 'difficult' obstetric history.

Dianne is a Master at what she does: she is strong and clear in her guidance and adjustments and very in-tune with her students. The classes nourish and balance me on every level and in turn enable me to support and nurture my young family. It is a lot to ask of one weekly Yoga class, but this is what it delivers to my life. Dianne, a profound Thank You! I honestly don’t know what I would do without my weekly practice with you.


I started my yoga practice with Dianne over ten years ago, having tried several other yoga classes, and I liked her style right away.  Yoga has been a transformational journey for me, at a physical and spiritual level.  My practice with Dianne enabled me to reach deep inside and clear away so many things that were blocking my true self and real happiness.  I am eternally grateful to Dianne for her guidance over the years and her amazing ability as a teacher.  She is inspirational in so many ways


Yoga Light classes with Dianne have become an essential part of my life, travelling over 45 minutes (sometimes more) for her body alignments, adjustments and breathe techniques that have bought a new meaning to my “Body Temple”......bringing everything from the inner to the outer in the physical self.....revealing and clearing long term blockages and toxins from the body, allowing the true self to immerge and strengthen. Dianne has a great history and knowledge of this ancient art enlightening and guiding you step by step great for beginners through to all levels to advanced students

Diana Gai

Thank you, Dianne at Yoga Light school, for giving us all a perfect centralized venue for the practice of Yoga! I’ve been a regular now for over three and a half years thoroughly enjoying learning all the many different life enhancing asanas and yoga postures. Experiencing constant visible results with major transformations of my body temple, spinal column and frame, with each class feeling stronger within.  Another thing that I have found is that yoga has given me a lovely flexible body and spinal column.  I no longer require visits to medical or chiropractor practitioners for back adjustments. Dianne’s knowledge of Yoga is priceless which she is very happy to share and empower all her students in her daily yoga classes, intensives and yoga retreats. I particularly like Dianne’s method of ensuring technique as one of the prime aspects of yoga, with flexibility of body, mind & soul being one of the benefits when being aware and conscious of technique in yoga. I am also grateful for Dianne’s wisdom teachings of the many benefits with the practice that yoga brings, including divine nourishment and her healthy lifestyle tips.  

As a Reiki teacher actively working with energy on a daily basis, Dianne’s yoga classes are a great bonus to my health having all the meridians and energy channels open to further expand my energy flow within, increasing the energy in my healing/empowering work as a teacher and practitioner. Highly recommend all of my students and friends to enrol in Dianne’s yoga classes to complement their health and lifestyle. I bless the day I found her. Thank you, Dianne, for being a courteous and conscious yoga teacher and a lovely friend.

Dez Dalton

Yoga never really interested me until i went to one of Dianne's classes, over 9 years ago. I now feel yoga is part of my life, learning about yoga and myself as I go, with a dedicated, inspired and inspiring teacher.

Phillippa Russell

Dearest Dianne, I cannot imagine being without you and your yoga.  It is family.  You and Yoga has changed my life. Through the asanas I have been reborn.  I have learnt to let go of the issues that have tormented me and gained strength through my hara and my heart.  You have taught me through yourself and yoga to love myself and taught me total trust in the colours that surround me. Your teaching has given me peace.  Yoga Light is an amazing school with amazing people. Thank you.


I love practicing yoga at Yoga Light. It is very invigorating and relaxing with Dianne, a wonderful instructor. She takes great care with everyone, whether they are a first-time yoga practitioner or a seasoned yoga attendee. We all obtain individual help and encouragement and the yoga is suited to everyone's individual requirements while still being a part of a group exercise. Dianne and Yoga Light are necessary for a healthy, happy and balanced lifestyle. Classes can be first thing in the morning, watching the sun rise over the Randwick shops, or last activity of the evening when one can return home feeling well balanced and at peace with the world. Dianne is the key to this wellbeing and so therefore is Yoga Light.


I started Dianne's classes when I was 17 during my end of school exams. I'd given up cross country because of how sore my body felt after each session so Mum suggested Yoga Light as a way to balance HSC work. I walked into Dianne's class thinking yoga couldn't offer me the adrenaline rush of a long hard run. It didn't give me that simple adrenaline rush.  It gave me something I've never found in any other sport: a rush that feels completely and wholly good for you. No cramped muscles, no sore shins.  With each weekly class, I've discovered how yoga is like giving yourself massage. You walk out feeling like you've worked and nourished your body at the same time.  You feel so much more at peace with whatever that day might bring you.  Dianne, thank you for sharing your yoga with us.


I have been going to Yoga Light now for over 10 years. In that time, I've tried other yoga classes and schools, but I've always come back. I've come back because I am yet to find a teacher who is so intuitive, connected, gentle and inspiring as Di. Her classes have become a refuge, a place to realign myself in my busy life, to get back to basics. Di has always made me feel that she was teaching me, helping me to grow in my practice and as a person. In that trusting and safe environment my yoga class mates have become my friends. I once told Di that in a world where many things can let you down, her class never does. I can't think of a stronger recommendation than that... Thank you Di for making such a difference in my life!


I have been a student at Yoga Light for over 14 months now. Dianne Black is a very special teacher. Her patience expertise and amazing class truly inspires her students. Not only does Di create an atmosphere of wellbeing but her style of Yoga promotes an amazing feeling which truly has made a difference in my life. So impressed was I with her as a teacher I got my parents into Yoga. My mother had had several serious health ailments and since practicing with Di has turned her life around. My father sees it as a crucial part of his wellbeing. I encourage all would be students looking for a teacher of substance to join Di and the Yoga Light team. It will be a decision you will wish you made years ago.

David Wasserman (Randwick)

Yoga, I believe, is all about the teacher. I have followed Dianne from Paddington to her current premises in Randwick, Dianne Black is a wonderful teacher, she is extremely knowledgeable, the classes  are very “hands on”, that is, Dianne makes numerous adjustments to students throughout the class, she speaks in a gentle yet focused manner, and the energy in the room is always positive and nurturing. The classes are small and run at times to suit the students. In addition to regular classes, Dianne also organises informative and fun seasonal intensive courses and weekend retreats.


I have practicing yoga with Dianne for the last 9 years but yoga has been in my life for almost 30 years. Dianne is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher. I get tremendous satisfaction practicing with her as she makes you work in a way that seems at times effortless, at time really deep and that always achieves incredible results.  I come out of her classes feeling  a wonderful sense of peace. I find the clarity of her teaching, her adjustments, the way she structures her classes, all these skills plus her honest and nurturing approach, makes her an exceptional teacher.


I started practicing with Di about 15 years ago. I have tried many teachers in between and always come back to Di's classes.  Over all those years Di's Yoga classes have helped me remain grounded with an open heart and calm mind through any event life has brought my way. The classes have continued to be transformational providing inspiration on the mat and in my life. I can't thank Di enough for the positive inspirational influence she has had in my physical, mental and emotional life. If you are thinking about coming to class, just come along, don't think for too long! Thank you, Di, you are the best. 


It is an honour to say I have attended Yoga light for over 10 years. In this time, I have been guided, educated, supported & nourished by an amazing teacher; Dianne Black. Dianne's teachings are Profound, Powerful, Transformative and by far the Finest. A teacher with substance, Integrity, knowledge, Experience and a Light Heart!!! Thank you, Dianne, for sharing your beautiful expression of Yoga! 


I have come to rely on my 2x a week Yoga fix to help relieve my back pain from my 3 prolapse disc on my lower back. Consequently, I have had no need for pain killers (even when I do stupid things such as too much work in the garden!) as Dianne's assistance to relieve my pain has helped enormously! I have made these sessions a significant part of my pain management and lifestyle that I intend to maintain for a very long time! I am so grateful for all the assistance Dianne has given me in the 65+ sessions I have attended. I encourage more people to make a regular commitment to attend classes at Yoga Light and realise how valuable Yoga is to maintain good health in its totality-of mind, body and spirit. Thank you for your expertise, experience, care and sensitivity to cater for each individual need of your students/clients. 


Yoga Light has become a permanent fixture in my life, I've come to depend on my weekly class both physically and mentally. I never sleep so tight as after yoga class. It's a wonderful therapy. I have had a couple of good yoga teachers in the past, but they don't measure up to Dianne's method and style, which are truly unique. And I know that no other class would compare after this experience.


I have explored many different styles and teachers over the years. Dianne’s classes are uniquely wholesome and personal. I keep coming back as I feel nourished on a physical, mental and spiritual level.


Di’s yoga classes were an important and grounding foundation for the three years I lived in the Eastern Suburbs, Sydney in 1998-2000. Now, when I can, I attend Dianne’s retreats which are a peaceful and healing haven amongst the busy-ness of life. I have lasting memories of her teaching, advice and wisdom, and these memories are in my body and mind still to this day. I have particularly benefited from Dianne's care, love, joyfulness and peaceful way of being. These are important components of her teaching and have deep effects on her students.  We are all the lucky ones to be in Di’s classes.


Attending classes at Yoga Light under Dianne’s careful supervision has taught me self-care management and aided my recovery immensely from 2 failed lumbar spinal fusions and a myriad of other invasive western medical procedures on my spine.  Nothing has assisted more, to restore strength and function to my spine, than the yoga at Yoga Light.  Dianne’s eclectic yoga methods and approach to rehabilitation has improved my lifestyle considerably, and helped my life regain normality! The trip from Oatlands (in Western Sydney) to Randwick is well worth the time and effort as I have been unable to find a better yoga school any closer to home. The benefits of regular class attendance are quickly realised and the bi-annual retreats at Govinda are another definite highlight!!


About 2 and a half years ago I decided to go to a yoga class near my gym so I can stretch more. I learned quite quickly that yoga provides more than stretching; it is a spiritual, emotional and physical experience that I am now committed to two times a week. Di our teacher provides a sense of calmness to our classes that I have not experienced elsewhere. Her teachings allow you to go at your own pace and gives you time in each posture to really feel the benefits. When you are in Di’s class it is not only about the postures but the energy meridians and how diet and lifestyle can influence your practice. Di’s classes allow me to be in the moment and focus on me. Di also holds retreats a few times a year; they are a wonderful experience, not to be missed!


I have tried a few other lessons over here in India & back home in Melbourne & have never found anyone who I have liked more.  l know that as soon as I get back to Australia I will seek you out. Dianne is very in tune with her students. In her classes it’s not all about being the most flexible, but having the right internal & external connections for the pose. With this focus, you get more out of your yoga & end the class felling lighter physically & emotionally. I have never found a class or teacher like it in my time. I will never forget you saying to me - pretty much in your own words - I don t care if you can never touch your toes, it’s about the internal connection with the pose that matters.

Then I remember getting that & talking to you about experiencing it at the retreat!!! It’s a good thing your yoga is about that, as I’ m still not all that flexible, but my goodness I feel the energy shift in yoga. I remember walking home one night after yoga & ran into some mates of mine - they said to me - wow you look so chilled.... :)


Despite my moaning and groaning, I feel you and your lessons are a big part of my life.  I love seeing your cheerful face when I arrive and enjoy catching up with the gals and guys. Dianne’s classes have become an important part of my life over the years I have been attending her yoga classes.  She is a very kind and understanding teacher who takes the time to explain and demonstrate the postures and gives all pupils the attention they need. I have been to other yoga classes, but none quite match up to her calm, gentle way of teaching and bringing out the best in everyone.


I highly recommend Dianne Black as an inspiring dedicated teacher of yoga. I have attended her yoga classes for the past 7 years twice weekly and have felt far reaching physical and mental benefits  As I spent many years of my life teaching teenage children, I recognise someone who loves teaching and has the ability to instruct others in a caring and positive manner. Dianne inspires confidence in her students and the friendly welcoming atmosphere of each class makes the experience very enjoyable for all.